Jen attended two of my births and I HIGHLY recommend her. She was very professional, asked me what I wanted for my... birth, and delivered (ha!) exactly that! As a photographer, Jen blended into the environment and didn't distract me from labor. The pictures she captured are treasured family memories. As a doula, Jen was the support I needed to deliver my sweet baby naturally! She knew when something wasn't working and was quick to suggest something new.


I love love love Jen! Her birthing classes and services are amazing. She is sharp and thinks through any situation thrown her way and keeps your best interest and needs in mind to help you have a safe amazing birth experience. We can't recommend her enough.

-Becca Moreland

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Being educated is the first step to achieving the birth you desire. We provide everything you will need to be fully prepared for your birth.



Having the support you need during your labor and birth is essential for a positive birth experience.



Capturing your birth with beautiful photos helps you create long lasting memories of your special day.

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