My name is Jen Verdery. I am a mother of 4 wonderful kids. My journey to doula work began with the birth of my oldest son in 2004, I was blessed to have a doula support me during a long, hard labor. She instilled in me a trust in my body's ability to birth my baby. I knew the moment after my son was born that I wanted to support women the way I was supported. I have been attending women in labor since 2004 and have attended well over 100 births. I have served women at homebirths, birthing centers, and hospital births. I was employed by Holy Cross Hospital as a doula for several years after that I was a part of an amazing group of doulas. I believe that birth is normal, natural and healthy. I believe that women are strong and that birth matters. I support all women in their choices for their labor. I hope that my presence and assistance will help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

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