Jen is a wonderful doula and helped me at the birth of two of my babies. She is very knowledgeable of positioning and support. She had encouraging words for me when I just thought I couldn't labor any longer and her calm confidence helped me to stay focused during contractions. The pictures she took at my births I'll treasure forever. She helped me smoothly welcome my babes and I would highly recommend her services!

-Amy Dickenson

Jen is AMAZING! She helped with the birth of my daughter and honestly, I couldn't have done a natural birth without her! She is extremely knowledgeable and knows exactly what you need without you even asking for it! I had back labor with my daughter and Jen knew what to do to help ease the pain for me. And just when you want to give up, she is there to encourage you and push you through. My husband really wanted to be a part of the process as well and Jen did a great job involving him and showing him things that he can do to help. Her job doesn't stop after labor though! Jen is there through the entire process and will stay for a few hours after the baby is born to help in any way she can. She even did another visit once we came home from the hospital. Jen certainly has a passion and her passion is being a Doula! She is wonderful!

-Rachel Sturm

Very experienced and very good at what she does! She is so helpful during birth with pain management, physical comfort, positions, knowledge, calming spirit etc. You DEFINITELY want her at your birth!!!

-Natalie Pullen

Jen was absolutely fantastic before and during the birth of my son. She's a very knowledgeable doula, and a very encouraging presence. Her being there to guide and mentor my wife through labor was instrumental in making the whole process more manageable. As the father, I felt that her instructions to me were very helpful and made me feel like I wasn't a completely useless presence in the delivery room. Jen's knowledge, experience, and optimism are unmatched. We love her, and plan on using her when our next little one comes along!

-Cameron Sutton